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Donna in this Mini-course will present Professional Adult Learners Online

Intent of This Project on Adult Learning

This course explores issues and suggested strategies for teaching professional courses online.

Contemplate these questions:

  • Who are the students?
  • What are the tasks that they need to perform by the end of the course?
  • What skills and supplies, software and equipment do they need to take the course?
  • What is the difference between online instruction and live teaching in a classroom?
  • What are the distinguishing features of online instruction that compliment classroom courses?
  • How can a curriculum be designed to make the most of an online learning environment for professional adult learners?

Learning Outcomes for This Mini-Course

Learners will be able to:

- describe the features of student communication that are indicative of their individual learning style

- define a list of tasks and objectives that lead to completion of the learning goals of the course

- compose a course syllabus with instructions students need for their success in an online learning environment

- distinguish the differences between the strengths and weaknesses of live classroom and online learning

- develop an integrated classroom-online curriculum for a professional training program

- design a course evaluation strategy and do the first review