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About the Instructor for this Mini-Course Donna Kiesel

Donna Kiesel's teaching experience began when she was a supervisor at the American Red Cross Blood Program in Chicago, where she arranged in-house training of staff. Later, with the US Peace Corps in Cameroon Africa is where she taught courses; designed and implemented teacher training at an agriculture college; and became a trainer and Director of training for incoming Peace Corps volunteers. Donna continued teaching at an agriculture school in Nepal for three years, where she designed curriculum; authored study guides for students, teaching manuals, and farm management manuals; and developed a 3-stage program for teacher training.

After becoming a Naturopathic Physician while living in Germany for eight years, Donna and her husband and two children moved to Chatham, New York. Currently Donna is in the Masters Public Health Program at UAlbany, also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Curriculum Development and Online Teaching.

Donna has many years of experience teaching medical doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are pursuing diplomas for Homeopathic Medicine. This mini-course will look at the strategies for instructional design for online professional training using examples from a Homeopathy training course. The specific challenge for online teaching of professional courses is that these adult students are not accustomed to academic coursework, and for example, in the case of Homeopathy studies we see philosophy, theories, and research topics, in addition to the practical training for case taking and management as topics to cover.