Digital Radiology for the Imaging Professional


Margaret Ewart I Margaret's Portfolio I ETAP 623 Fall 2012

It's Time to Learn...


Course Purpose & Introduction

Greetings and welcome to Digital Radiology for the Imaging Professional!

The intent of this mini-course is to address the need for additional education for technologists that entered the field of radiology before digital radiography was part of the didactic component of the student's education. Learners of this course should take away a clear understanding of the physical principles of digital radiography. They will learn historical aspects of digital imaging, processing fundamentals, and theoretical foundations to use digital equipment effectively in the clinical setting.


Unit 1: What is Digital Radiography?

Target Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, learners should be able to:

Unit 2: The Digital Image Process

Unit 3: Troubleshooting in Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography References and Resources