Developing a Growth Mindset Within the Classroom


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Overview and Purpose

The topic for this mini course is implementing the idea of a growth mindset within the classroom. The purpose of this course is to educate both teachers and students on how to develop a growth mindset. Many times in the classroom students feel discouraged, especially when learning a new concept because they don't know how to do it or think it is too hard. In this course, they will learn about the power of "yet" and what it means to develop a growth mindset lifestyle.

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem: When students are faced with a difficult task, they begin to believe that they are not smart enough or are in capable. They haven’t been taught the concept of “yet.” When students are praised only for being academically successful and not on the effort they put in, they begin to become afraid to make mistakes and start to have a fixed mindset instilled in them. Carol Dweck says, “Does this mean we can’t praise our children enthusiastically when they do something great? Should we try to restrain our admiration for their successes? Not at all. It just means that we should keep away from a certain kind of praise- praise that judges their intelligence or talent” (Dweck, 2006).

What Is to Be Learned: Educators who take this mini course will learn the importance of instilling a growth mindset within their students.

The Learners:The learners of this mini course should be educators looking to better their knowledge of the different types of mindsets, how each one affects us, and what they can do to help their students become someone with a growth mindset. Learners should have a basic concept of technology, as this mini course is offered online. This course is for learners of any educator who is looking to positively help their student’s mindset.

Performance Objectives

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Course Units

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Unit 2: xxx

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Unit 3: xxx

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