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   [[Tooth brush-floss-paste.jpg|250 px|left]]                                            [[Lesson Two-Toothbrushes & Floss]]   
   [[File:Tooth brush-floss-paste.jpg|350 px|left]]                                            [[Lesson Two-Toothbrushes & Floss]]   

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The Dental Assistant will be required to instruct and educate patients on dental home care. Demonstrating brushing, flossing and effective plaque removal is in an important part of teaching patients POH.

After the completion of the following lessons you will be able to:

  • reinforce self POH habits
  • demonstrate best POH practices to educate patients and family members
  • recommend appropriate toothbrushes, floss, and accessories for effective plaque removal

Lesson One-Preventive Oral Hygiene Basics

Prevention girl.jpg

Tooth brush-floss-paste.jpg

Lesson Two-Toothbrushes & Floss

Demo puppet.jpg

Lesson Three-Patient Instructions

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