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About me

Hello, my name is David Shibley. I went to SUNY Oneonta for degrees in Adolescent Education in Social Studies and History. I have always enjoyed using technology to create interactive and engaging lesson plans. As a result, I am pursuing a graduate degree in CDIT at SUNY Albany. I currently work in Gloversville Enlarged School District as a substitute teacher. I have had the pleasure of doing a long term position helping the New York State Teacher of the Year for 2015. During this time, I was able to take our students on a trip to Washington DC. The picture are my students and me. I am the second from the left.

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My Topic/Purpose

This course is designed to have the participants develop a "social network" for famous historical figures during World War II. The two primary modes of doing this is through Facebook or if banned Fakebook. A major note is that the instructor should make sure to enforce any the kind of language used. Some topics may be graphic in nature and as a result this may be best for a Fakebook account.


The learner will examine the different interactions and behaviors of certain groups and individuals during World War II.

The learners will be able to facilitate the design of a "Social Network" for their students?

The learn will design a form of evaluation for the social networks the students create.

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem Students in high school often have a hard time connecting important individuals, groups and nations together. This will be detrimental to them during their regents exam as that is often the topic of one of the 2 essays questions. Students need to be able to make connections.

Solution Students will create a social network demonstrating their knowledge of a certain group or individual. They will then proceed to create a network with other pages built by other students to show how certain individuals reacted with one another during this time period. This will demonstrate the connections that may be valuable to them later on.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Learner Analysis The learners will comprise of K-12 teachers primarily in the Social Studies field. The lesson is possible to adopt to different practices, but will be given in the context of a Social Studies perspective. The class will also be examining the power of social media on society today. These are all areas that can relate directly to the Social Studies curriculum. The learners should also have some familiarity with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The learners will be introduced to alternate site if those are blocked by their school district. Context of Instruction Students will be taking the class through the wiki page. As a result, the class will be asynchronous and students will be able to start and complete the class at their own progress. They have a number of ways to self reflect on the material they are learning. This can also act as a way to help the learners to prepare to model a similar lesson plan for their students.

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

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