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About me

Hello, my name is David Shibley. I went to SUNY Oneonta for degrees in Adolescent Education in Social Studies and History. I have always enjoyed using technology to create interactive and engaging lesson plans. As a result, I am pursuing a graduate degree in CDIT at SUNY Albany. I currently work in Gloversville Enlarged School District as a substitute teacher. I have had the pleasure of doing a long term position helping the New York State Teacher of the Year for 2015. During this time, I was able to take our students on a trip to Washington DC. The picture are my students and me. I am the second from the left.

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My Topic/Purpose

This course is designed to have the participants develop a "social network" for famous historical figures during World War II. The two primary modes of doing this is through Facebook or if banned Fakebook. A major note is that the instructor should make sure to enforce any the kind of language used. Some topics may be graphic in nature and as a result this may be best for a Fakebook account.


The learner will examine the different interactions and behaviors of certain groups and individuals during World War II.

The learners will be able to facilitate the design of a "Social Network" for their students?

The learn will design a form of evaluation for the social networks the students create.

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

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