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About me

At Yuanmingyuan, Beijing China

My name is Dana Gaska. I am currently employed by OHM BOCES where I have been a Mandarin Chinese teacher for six years. I learned how to speak Chinese while studying for my undergraduate degree at UAlbany. I teach Chinese via distance learning using synchronous video. This year I am teaching about 100 students from 7 different school districts. This type of teaching has taught me to be extremely flexible in my teaching plans as not only do the inevitable technological hiccups occur, I also deal with simultaneous classes with two bell schedules, different snow days, field trips, and all the other minor scheduling issues that suddenly become a problem when involving multiple schools. While it poses its challenges, I do find this type of teaching to be rewarding and fun.

My Topic/Purpose

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

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