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  • Brown Corpus - An important corpus that was one of the first large-scale corpora. It has many useful concordancing features.
  • BYU Corpora - Includes the Time Magazine Corpus as well as corpora in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • American National Corpus - This is the official national corpus of the U.S.A. (American English)
  • British National Corpus - This is the official national corpus of the U.K. (British English)
  • corpora4learning - This site presents a fairly comprehensive list of links to various corpora, including corpora in other languages.
  • University of Aberdeen - This site links to lots of other corpora, including speech corpora.
  • International Corpus of English - A corpus with a focus on "World English"

Other Resouces

  • The Compleat Lextutor - This site has a full-featured concordancer and lots of other features useful for data-driven learning endeavors, including a social network devoted to uses of concordancers.
  • [http:// The Hong Kong concordancer…] -
  • [http:// WordNet] - A large-scale dictionary which includes relationships between words based on corpus data. The WordNet site has a full set of search tools.


  • foo
  • bar
  • baz

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