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Thanks to Mike W. for finding some additional KNILT tutorials (from past semesters) on Youtube! We'll add them here to our collection:

Uploading images:

Copying code and creating headings:

Create a new linked page in KNILT:

As discussed in ETAP 623 - Byrne If you need some help building your learning objectives there is a helpful interactive tool online at Arizona State Univ. Very important to note that this objectives builder can get you through the first couple of pieces of the ABCD model (p.119) in your ID text (Audience & Behavior). You will still have to develop the Conditions and Degree. This tool also aligns with Bloom's Taxonomy...which is another neat feature.

Also, as you're developing activities online, you might be interested in a number of technology tools that are sorted by Bloom's Taxonomy (this is but one such infographic online, but I believe it is the original. If you use a search engine you will find many more ideas and representations). (be sure to scroll down a bit)

  • If you are new to wiki editing, no panic! It's very easy to learn. Please use this page Help:Contents to learn the basic skills needed for this project.

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