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=='''''Unit One'''''==
=='''''Unit One'''''==
Accessing EngageNY Materials
[[Accessing EngageNY Materials]]
=='''''Unit Two'''''==
=='''''Unit Two'''''==

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Creating EngageNy eBooks with PowerPoint software


The intent of this workshop is to teach and assist teachers create "ebooks" for smartbaords using PowerPoint software. This is so teachers can display the text and the picture at the same time as if they were reading a "big book." My goal is for the teachers to be able to locate and utilize all of the state resources to create spiraled common core ELA lessons. The eBooks will replace the disjointed reading of a script while looking at the picture on a projector screen.

Unit One

Accessing EngageNY Materials

Unit Two

Using Microsoft Snipping Tool

Unit Three

PowerPoint Basics

Unit Four

PowerPoint Advanced

Unit Five

Import to ActivInspire

Unit Six

Adding Multimedia to e-books