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Lesson Three: [[How do teachers implement activity based lessons?]]
Lesson Three: [[How do teachers implement activity based lessons?]]
Lesson Four: [[How can teachers enhance student understanding?]
Lesson Four: [[How can teachers enhance student understanding?]]

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The primary goal of this course is to help teachers and instructors explore the process of creating Activity-Based lesson plans in a Social Studies classroom. Initially, we must consider the basics:

- What is the purpose of an activity-based approach to social studies?

- What are the components of an activity-based lesson plan?

- How might teachers organize social-studies activities?

- How can teachers strengthen student understanding?

What is to be Learned:

In order to create effective activity-based lessons, we must first explore exactly what activity-based lessons are and their implications in a classroom. Once we have explored the definition and implications of an activity based lesson, we need to understand the general structure of the lesson and how to implement the lesson appropriately in the classroom. Teachers and instructors will learn step by step approaching to creating an activity based lesson plan that incorporates student centered learning, primary/secondary source analysis that meets students at their reading ability, and broadly defined goals and objectives that allow for the optimal amount of freedom and exploration while still providing a structure. Lastly, we will look at how teachers can reinforce the themes and topics covered in the activities and gauge when activity-based lessons are appropriate.

Goals of this Mini-Course:

The ultimate goal of this mini-course is for teachers and instructors to understand the process of creating and successfully initiating an activity-based lesson plan. In the process, learners will come to understand the general benefits and drawbacks of such lessons.

Performance Objectives

Upon the completion of this mini-course, learners will be able to:

- Understand the importance of activity based lessons and student engagement in learning.

- Demonstrate skill in creating the components of activity based lessons.

- Design an array of student centered activities.

- Understand the implications activity based lessons have on student understanding.

- Predict when activity based lessons are appropriate in the classroom.

Curriculum Map

Lesson One: What is the purpose of activity-based lessons?

Lesson Two: How do teachers create social studies based activities?

Lesson Three: How do teachers implement activity based lessons?

Lesson Four: How can teachers enhance student understanding?