Combining what we've learned--Writing a reflective essay

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Culminating Essay


Access to an Internet-enabled computer/tablet


In order to assess whether students have gained a strong appreciation and understanding of the importance of utilizing primary source documents for learning about historical events, and to ascertain whether they have absorbed the critically important content of this course, they will be writing a reflective essay. This essay will be a minimum of two double-spaced pages long, and will be graded based on the rubric below.

Students will primarily be working independently on this task, however it would be possible and appropriate for them to communicate with one another during the research phase of this project. Students will be provided a worksheet that outlines the goals and expectations of the project.

Primary Source Reflective Essay Worksheet

Grading Rubric for Reflective Essay

Students will be utilizing the Internet to locate 3-4 primary source documents from the American Revolutionary War that they believe provide key insight into this event in history. Students will then write a reflective essay describing each source, and then explaining how that image or document describes or depicts key aspects of the American Revolutionary War. I have included some links to reputable resources that may be a good starting point!

Websites to get you started

Library of Congress--American Revolution

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