Classroom and Community: Service Learning in the Secondary Classroom

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What is this course all about?

This mini-course will introduce you to the topic of Service Learning, why it should be implemented in secondary classrooms, and how you can utilize service learning in your own classroom. If you are interested in learning a new way to help your students learn in an engaging and authentic way and learn skills that they can use beyond graduation, this course can be very helpful to you!

Who should take this course?

Anyone who is interested in education can take this course. Some activities throughout the course are geared toward teachers who have their own students, but anybody can complete the activities by simulating a class of students. Some people who may benefit from this course are secondary teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, content specialists, school board members, and pre-service teachers.

What should be known before taking this course?

Necessary Prerequisites:

  • A classroom in which to implement the service learning plan he/she creates
    • As stated above, a simulated class can be used for any participant that is not a classroom teacher.

What will be learned throughout this course?

Upon the completion of this course, participants should:

  • know what service learning is
  • understand how service learning supports the mastery of important 21st century skills
  • know how implementing service learning can benefit their classroom
  • understand the best practices for designing and implementing service learning projects in the secondary classroom
  • design a service learning project to implement in their own secondary classroom
  • gain confidence in their ability to incorporate effective service learning experiences into their curriculum

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Unit 1: What is Service Learning and Why Should it be Implemented in the Secondary Classrooms?