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== Lesson Plan Example ==
== Lesson Plan Example ==
'''Type of Lesson:'''  Hypermedia using goanimate.com
'''Place your lesson plan below'''
'''Lesson Plan Title''' – Learning Style Survey
'''Discipline and Topic:''' Hypermedia lesson using goanimate.com
'''Target Population'''
'''Grade Level:''' 9th Grade
'''Lesson Groupings:'''  Students will create an animation in pairs and will present their cartoon in small groups of six. 
• Students will understand their individual learning style survey
• Students will work in pairs to create a presentation that illustrates their particular learning style.
'''Media Literacy Objectives'''
The standards addressed in this activity are:
1. Creativity and Innovation
2. Communication and Collaboration
3. Research and Information Fluency
4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
5. Digital Citizenship
4. Employ curriculum-specific simulations to practice critical-thinking processes. (1, 4)
8. Model legal and ethical behaviors when using information and technology by properly selecting, acquiring, and citing resources. (3, 5)
'''Materials and Timing'''
*Computer Lab with internet access.
*Lesson to take place over three class periods
*Show students several goanimate projects
'''Scope and Sequence''' 
Students will complete the learning style survey online, once completed they will be paired with an individual with the same learning style.  Students who exhibit all four styles on their survey will be given give a brief overview of all of the learning styles. Each group must work together to create and present their learning style to the class.
'''Supplemental Materials'''
Each pair will have a hard copy of their learning style as well as a rubric.
'''Evaluation of Students'''
'''Evaluation of the Lesson''' 
*Did the lesson work?
*What else would you like to change, next time you use this lesson
*What instructional strategies were the most effective?
*Did students seem to connect with the learning style they presented?
*What would I do differently next time I use this lesson?
'''Place your lesson plan below'''
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