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Hello, and welcome to my Personal Page here in the KNILT wiki.

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My biographical information

I am a currently working as a Curriculum Design Specialist at Empire State College. I did my undergrad a hundred years ago at SUNY Geneseo, and I studied Anthropology and English. When I finally found my way into the field of education, I was hired as an assistant to the Lead Instructional Designer at Empire State College's Center for Distance Learning. I was an excellent observer and eventually interfaced with many talented designers. My varied background in liberal arts actually served me quite well in terms of being able to learn the ropes in a University environment. I dabbled in so many jobs and professions over the years that when it finally came time for me to teach something to someone, albeit in a training environment, I was hooked. I've been full-time as a specialist for 5 years at Empire State, and am pursuing my MS to enhance and inform my work. I come from a family of academics, so teaching is literally in my blood. I wish I had more opportunities to teach face to face, but much of my work is online. In the next life, I suppose. :)


My personal information

I subscribe to a simple philosophy: Dogs = Happiness

I mean, look at that face!!