Chelsea Cummings


About Me

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My name is Chelsea Cummings and I am currently enrolled in the CDIT program at UAlbany. I graduated from St. Josephs College in 2015 with a degree in Child Study and a concentration in Speech Pathology. I am certified in Early Childhood (Birth-2nd grade) and Childhood (1st- 6th grade) in General Education and Students with Disabilities. I live on Long Island and am currently a 2nd grade inclusion teacher. Some of my interests include baking, hanging out with friends, and doing crossword puzzles.

My Topic and Purpose

The topic for this mini course is implementing diversity into the classroom. The purpose of this course is to educate both teachers on how to talk about and discuss the topic of diversity in the classroom. With everything going on in society, people are weary when talking about the topic because they don’t want to be politically incorrect and offend someone. This mini course will provide resources and lessons for educators to use and hopefully make a part of their curriculum.

Scope of Learning Outcomes and Content

By the end of this mini lesson, instructors will be able to 1. Define what is diversity?

2.Understand how is diversity represented in each classroom?

3.Know the effects of learning in a diverse classroom

4.Implement activities to promote and discuss diversity

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance-Based Objectives

Define course-level target objectives

Task Analysis

Elaborate and analyze the objectives to identify more specific enabling and supporting objectives.

Curriculum Map

Map out the sequence of learning units and activities to achieve the defined objectives.

References and Resources