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Course Title

Strategies to teach children vocabulary

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem

So many words, so little time- how do you balance word learning and other aspects of literacy? Vocabulary is the basis of all language and I have seen many second language learners who have difficulty in learning a new language especially in reading and expanding the amount of knowledge of vocabulary. The difficulty is not just limited to 2nd language learner. Often we see even native students experience the difficulty. Based on the word amount that students know, individual students’ speed of their learning is also vary. Known many vocabulary accelerates students’ learning process, which drives them to actively participate and learn with enhanced motivation. So I would like to point out the importance of vocabulary acquisition and provide you an instructional reconsideration or reform for both teachers and students. The idea begins with the consideration of who may not recognize or have the knowledge how to effective instructor or teach vocabulary to children. Why students cannot follow or progress at an even pace? Since learning words is the first step for second language learners to learn a language, vocabulary plays an important role in both native and second language acquisition. My consideration is that the instruction should be effectively performed at both school and at home according to learners’ need. In the needs analysis, clarify what needs to be learned, who will learn it, and what are the contextual constraints on learning.

Learner Analysis

This course is aimed at those instructors who teaches vocabulary to children. The participants in this course will be kindergarten, primary, and early elementary (K-3) teachers, or caretakers who have an interest in additional vocabulary teaching strategies to apply into their classrooms. Experience will range from the novice level to professional teachers/ caretakers.

Instructional Content

This course include online activities that will allow instructors to apply the practices with their students. Different techniques and objectives will be provided by each units. This course will allow participants to start working on own pace.

Task analysis


This course will enable participants to learn practical instructional tips of teaching vocabulary strategies for those who teach kindergarten, primary, early elementary (K-3) students.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will employ distinctive strategies into their teaching practice in order to extend children’s vocabularies and syntax.

Prerequisite Skills

  1. Knowledge of how to explore wiki space to get information.
  2. Being motivate to learn new strategies.
  3. Teaching experience with children at least more than one year.
  4. Positive attitude to learn and apply new strategies into the teaching practice.

Curriculum Map

File:C map.pdf

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