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== Unit 1: Lesson Three ==
== Unit 1: Lesson Three ==

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Attention Class: Here you will find space that is intended for you as a class to gather together and discuss what you have learned throughout each unit of study. Hopefully we as a class can take this opportunity to share with one another new inspiring ideas and share any or all possible solutions to any problems, concerns, or questions that you may have. Throughout each unit, you will asked to report to this area to respond and reflect upon what is being asked. As you respond, be sure to place your name in front of your response, so we have an idea of who is saying what (i.e Jason: My response is.....)

Enjoy and Have Fun Learning!!

Unit 1: Lesson One

Advantages of Video:

How do you think you can use video in your practice?

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Unit 1: Lesson Two

How might you be able to use Camtasia in your classroom?

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Unit 1: Lesson Three

According to the Bart article, what are some of the benefits of using screen captures?

Can you see your self using screen captures in the future? Why or Why not?

Unit 2: Interactive Camtasia Work - No responses required

Unit 3: Lesson One

Please add your link to your lesson plan here:

Unit 3: Lesson Two

Reflection: How you believe video can be used to enhance instruction and promote the transfer of knowledge? Do you think you will consider using Camtasia in the future? Why or Why not?