Caley Maida

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About Me

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Hello everyone! My name is Caley and I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a BS in Adolescence Education: Mathematics. I have been teaching high school math in Ossining, NY ever since and am in love with the profession! I have had the pleasure of working with two different coteachers so am always looking for ways to implement effective strategies as a team, while also meeting the needs of our many students with IEPs. Working in a school with over a 60% Hispanic population has also encouraged me to devise ways of differentiating lessons or modifying my teaching to help my ELL students. I just began pursuing my Graduate Degree in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology (CDIT) at University of Albany, and am very excited to continue furthering my education!

My Topic and Purpose

Learning Outcomes

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance-Based Objectives

Define course-level target objectives

Task Analysis

Elaborate and analyze the objectives to identify more specific enabling and supporting objectives.

Curriculum Map

Map out the sequence of learning units and activities to achieve the defined objectives.

References and Resources