Autism KWL Chart



About KWL Charts

The KWL chart was created by Donna Ogle in 1986. KWL charts are used to activate prior knowledge and give the students a chance to explore what they hope to learn. At the end of the educational activties the KWL chart is used to reflect on what has been learned.

Autism KWL

Unit 1: Fill in the K (What I know about Autism Spectrum Disorder "ASD"), and W (What I hope to learn about ASD) before begining Unit 1.

Use these guiding questions to assist in filling out the K and W sections of the KWL chart.

  • What does it look like?
  • What characteristics are associated with ASD?
  • What causes this disorder?
  • Why is it so prevalent?
  • Any other thoughts, observations or opinions you have heard about this disorder.

K - What I Know about ASD.....


W - What I hope to learn about ASD.....


L - What I learned about ASD.....



Unit 1: What is ASD and how is it diagnosed?

Students with ASD: Developing Socialization and Self-Management Skills

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