Audio Learning

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  • Create and disseminate these lectures/podcasts,
  • Explain differences unique to auditory learning
  • Understand situations where auditory learning is most effective
  • Create ancillary material to accompany the audio files
    • Effectively assess students using auditory learning


Unit 1: Modalities of Learning

Learners will understand learners' perspectives on modalities.

Unit 2: Audio Learning

Learners will describe when and how to use audio format as a main source of learning, what other modalities can be integrated with audio learning and when to integrate them.

Unit 3: Creating Audio Learning Materials

Learners will identify the technology needs for creating the materials, understand the learners' technological needs, and learn how to put it all together.

Unit 4: Assessing Student Learning

Learners will create online assessments, and realize how to reteach based n these assessments.

References and Resources