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Needs Analysis

Instructional Problem


There are an average of 145,000,000 video game players in the United States today. 51,000,000 of them are ages 5-18 and still attend school. Using games as a classroom resource is often overlooked and many times even avoided. Educational games are frequently seen as a waste of time and viewed as not providing or practicing valuable skills.

In a world that is commonly being referred to as the 'digital age' it would make sense that we, as teachers, should tap into a valuable resource for engaging and motivating our students; something that is becomming more difficult with each new year. This resource is educational gaming, formally known as edutainment.

Instructional Solution


It is my intent, through this mini-course, to provide teachers (both current and pre-instructional) with the facts about educational gaming and the validity and the value of using instructional gaming in the classroom. This will hopefully provide sufficient evidence for teachers to use games as not only an resoure but as an instructional tool. It is important to keep in mind that, as with any technology, use of educational games for the sake of using games is not going to enhance learning. There is a proper way of implementing educational gaming in order to avoid the reasons that people are against the use of games in learning.

Learner Profile

The intended learners are pre-instructional and current educators; including administrators. The course is also applicable for any adult who is not covinced that games have a place in learning; including parents or guardians.

Motivation of learners may include, but is not limiited to: wanting to motivate students who currently lack motivation or want to learn new educational technology resources.


Learners will need:

- Computer with up-to-date operating system

- Internet Access

- Access to additional educational gaming programs


1) Provide background research on the validity of using educational gaming

2) Provide a list of resources of games that can be used

3) Provide a sample lesson plan on how to properly implement educational games

Performance Objectives

After reviewing this mini-course, learners will be able to....

1)Discuss the common objections to gaming and refute these reasons with facts

2) Justify how and why educational gaming is a valid resource to be used in the classroom

3) Create lesson plans that draw upon the proper use of an educational game to achieve performance objectives

Educational Gaming ICM

Educational Gaming - Is it a valid resource?


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