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'''Welcome''' to my personal page.  
'''Welcome''' to my personal page.  
Please check out [[Amanda Martin portfolio]] and [[jkwminicourse|my mini course]].
Please check out [[Amanda Martin portfolio]] and [[Amanda's Mini Course|my mini course]].

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Welcome to my personal page.

Please check out Amanda Martin portfolio and my mini course.

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My biographical information

I have recently graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Adolescent Education for Mathematics. I am currently in Cortland, NY and grew up in a very similar area in Sullivan County. I hope to find a full time job back home if the opportunity presents itself but am open to moving for a decent job.

My personal information

I enjoy diving into a good book but hate when it ends. I like to take photos with my Nikon D3200 and love to travel/vacation. I like to see new places and do one in a lifetime activities; so far I have gone parasailing, held an alligator, snorkeled, and went dune bugging in the desert.

About user pages

The personal page offers mini-course builders an opportunity to practice using the Wiki Editor. The portfolio page is where mini-course builders document their design work. And finally the course pages will hold the learning objects/content/activities to be used by your "students." Each mini-course is likely to have 4 or more pages - an intro and 3 or more "units" or "lessons."