Alison Fontana


Introduction About Me


My name is Alison Fontana. I graduated from Mohawk Valley Community College with an Associate Degree in Childhood Education. I then pursued a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at SUNY Institute of Technology. I am attending University at Albany part time for my Masters in Social Work. I am in my second year of the MSW program. I currently work full time at The House of the Good Shepherd in foster care. In my spare time, I like to go on long walks and spend time with family/friends.


The topic for this mini course is negative and positive reinforcement implemented in a classroom setting. It will be important for all teachers to use positive and negative reinforcement. This course will target negative and positive reinforcement used in elementary schools. Positive and negative reinforcement in a classroom will demonstrate appropriate discipline for students.

Needs Assessment


There is a high need of classroom management to be used in all schools. Classroom management is important for teachers to implement, for students learning (Reinke, et. al, 2013). Many times, students’ learning is hindered because of poor classroom management. Many teachers struggle with classroom management which is significant for student performance (Reinke, et. al, 2013). Poor classroom management can result in long term behavioral problems and can disrupt all other students in the class (Reinke, et. al, 2013). Teachers need to learn how to effectively manage a classroom through positive and negative reinforcement. Positive and negative reinforcement may be used in the school environment, or home environment.


This mini-course is designed for teachers to learn about effective classroom management techniques focusing on positive and negative reinforcement.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

This course will help teachers with classroom management by learning and applying positive and negative reinforcement in their classroom. Learners will learn examples of positive and negative reinforcement.

Performance Objectives

  • The learner will read and reflect on the content of reinforcement
  • The learner will engage in discussions with others.
  • The leaner will submit assignments and follow requirements.

Course Level Objectives

At the end of this course

  • One will learn techniques of appropriate discipline to be used in a classroom.
  • One will differentiate between positive and negative reinforcement.
  • One will learn examples of positive and negative reinforcement.

Task Analysis

Learners will:

  • Understand the difference between reinforcement and punishment.
  • Differentiate between positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Know and Understand behavior management techniques in a classroom
  • Reflect on their own classroom management

Curriculum Map


Behavior Management in the classroom