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== [[AIS Mathematics Instruction|'''Unit 2 - AIS Mathematics Instruction''']] ==
== [[AIS Mathematics Instruction|'''Unit 2 - AIS Mathematics Instruction''']] ==
== [[AIS Mathematics Grading, Student Assessment, Student Feedback|'''Unit 3 - AIS Mathematics Grading & Student Assessment''']] ==
== [[AIS Mathematics Grading, Student Assessment, Student Feedback|'''Unit 3 - AIS Mathematics Grading, Student Assessment, Student Feedback''']] ==

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Academic Intervention Services in Mathematics (An Overview)

AIS stands for academic intervention services and can be required for a child in both Language Arts and Math. As I am a mathematics teacher, I will be focusing on the Math portion of AIS. AIS is mandated by New York state for any student achieving at a level two or below on the state assessment test.


Academic Intervention Services is mandated by the state to each school district. Students are required to participate in an AIS program when they have performed below the state designated achievement level for their grade level. If a student falls into this category, it is required that the school district place them into an AIS program for the following year. Students can also be recommended for AIS services by their classroom teacher if they feel that the student is at risk of not performing at the designated achievement level for the current year. The state provides many options for the way in which each school designs their AIS program, however it is left up to the district how they will implement the AIS program at their particular schools. The state also does not provide a specific curriculum to be covered in an AIS program, and therefore the curriculum is left up to the AIS teacher. Many teachers use AIS as a way to not only review and answer questions regarding students current material, but also a time in which they can help students to strengthen their foundation in the subject in an effort to improve success in their current grade level.

More information regarding AIS requirements and specifications can be found at: NYSUT - A Guide to Academic Intervention Services


The purpose of this mini-course is:

  • To inform, educate and accurately depict the needs and requirements of an academic intervention program.
  • To discuss and exemplify possible program set up and assessment of student progress.
  • To assist in the creation of an AIS program.

Performance Objectives

At the end of this mini-course learners will be able to:

  • accurately describe and understand what AIS services are, what they require and why we need them in mathematics classrooms.
  • create and design effective AIS instruction in accordance to their grade level mathematics curriculum.
  • determine a grading scale and process for the assessment of student progress in an AIS course, while providing informative feedback for students.

Needs Assessment

As New York State does not provide specific instruction for the direction of AIS mathematics courses, many teachers are told they need to instruct AIS without any directives or specific requirements. Therefore, teachers need a guideline of possibilities for instruction including activities, student requirements, assessment and day to day planning for AIS.

Unit 1 - AIS Requirements

Unit 2 - AIS Mathematics Instruction

Unit 3 - AIS Mathematics Grading, Student Assessment, Student Feedback