Melanie Gifford

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Welcome to my personal page.

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My biographical information

I am currently a third year math teacher at George Junior Republic UFSD. I teach juvenile delinquents at a residential facility grades 7-12. We use Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) to help maintain a safe school environment, emotionally and physically. I went to Le Moyne College and graduated with my BA in Mathematics with a concentration in Adolescent and Special Education. I hold my initial teaching certification in Adolescent Mathematics Education grades 7-12. I am the chair of the Dryden Teachers' Center. This center allows teachers to hold workshops for each other and to earn CTLE credit. I am also the Union Treasurer for my school district.

My personal information

I love being outdoors. I enjoy snowmobiling, boating, and hiking. I am currently experimenting with hobby sheep farming.

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