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About Kim Steele

I am a current graduate student at State University of New York at Albany and enrolled in the Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology Master's Program. I am a secondary art teacher and have been teaching since 2001. I am very interested in instructional technology, online education, and have a passion for developing a sustained online community that includes strengthening the online educator through pedagogical training. I would like to one day see institutions require all online educators to obtain pedagogical training, along with the Learning Management System (LMS) training. I would like to see the research of online education shift to focus only on those educators who have had the pedagogical training and to see if there is an increased positive educational outcome, both from student satisfaction and academia outcomes.

I earned two degrees in both English and Art at California State University of Northridge and began teaching art at Pasadena High School. I taught for six years until 2007 when we moved to upstate New York for my husband to earn his PhD in Educational Psychology for Special Education. I taught three years at an inner city private school and currently I teach both middle school and high school at a rural public school. I love teaching and see the CDIT program to not only give me new tools for strengthening my classroom but also, pave my future for research and expansion of online education.

When I'm not teaching, I'm a mom to a fantastic nine-year-old daughter who is not only brilliant and funny, but she holds strong leadership qualities. We love live music, hiking, traveling, and during the school year, we all get to enjoy my daughter playing basketball, softball, and doing gymnastics.

ETAP 623 Fall 2017 Section 7619