User:David DeJong


I currently service as Educational Technology Specialist, as well as Technology Teacher (yes, they are two very different jobs), at a self-contained special education school in Queens, NY. In addition to these positions, I am also a dual certified teacher in both General and Special Education for children birth through sixth grade.

My current job has me working with students as they develop real world technology skills that will assist them in having greater opportunity in vocational settings, hopefully leading to gainful employment after aging out of the special education program at twenty-one. In addition to this, I also have been in charge of incorporating 35 new iPads and smart boards into each classroom.

If I have learned anything in this endeavor, it's to not try and reinvent the wheel and to not try to solve every problem at the same time. Take the time to create phases or steps and then take the time to get each step right before moving onto the next phase of development.