Unit Two: Methods for maximizing use of the Target Language in the language classroom


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Learning Objectives

After completing Unit 2, you will:

  1. Understand the difference between effective and non-effective strategies and methods for maximizing use of the TL in language classrooms.
  2. Identify and list seven (7) strategies for maximizing use of the TL in language classrooms.


The starter is meant to be reflective but you may want to start off with paper and pen or pencil for note taking purposes.

  • Reflect on your own classroom practices, specifically with regard to maximizing use of the TL.
  • What methods do you use to keep yourself and your students in the target language?
  • What does the classroom look like physically; visual aids, layout, etc?
  • What does the classroom sound like; teacher-student interactions, student-student interactions?

Learning Activities

The learning activities for this unit include readings, and video followed by an assessment. You may wish to copy down the learning objectives for the unit and take notes as you proceed throught the activities. At the conclusion of each activity, simply click on the back arrow at the browser to return to the unit page until you have completed the unit activities.


Going for 90% Plus, The Language Educator October 2012 (p. 6)


6 Language Principles Summer Lang Institute



Immersion Techniques in the Foreign Language Classroom


Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: Food Facts and Stories (Annenberg Learner/Mr Pedini)


Classroom Spanish Immersion



  1. What are effective strategies for maximizing use of the TL?; List seven (7).

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