Unit Two: How to create a Quick Response Codes


Learning Objective

The participant will be able to create a QR code, explain how to create one, and use it in a classroom activity.

Unit Overview and Expectations

In this unit you will be researching different websites that can be utilized to create QR codes. You will evaluate and rate the websites, as well as, upload them into a database for participants to use. It is important you look through the websites that have already been evaluated. You should strive not to make duplicate website entries although this may be inevitable. Your evaluations should be thorough and your rating should reflect the commentary you made about the site.

After you have chosen a website to work with during the remaining units of the mini course, you will create a checklist. This checklist should have a step by step description of how to use the website. Make sure you create it so that a student could use your directions and be successful in creating a Qr code. Please submit this checklist into the appropriate folder on our classroom Google Drive. Submissions should be titled as follows: LastName.FirstName.QRChecklist.doc Please be aware I will accept Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. You could even use a Google form or document to submit your work. Just ensure your name is somewhere in the document to ensure you receive credit. Please look at the rubric for grading criteria.

The last component of this unit will be the QR Code Activity. This will help you begin to plan for a larger more well developed lesson plan in Unit 3. You will also have to use research documents from the course and/or from credible outside sources in order to successfully complete this assignment. You will find the planning activity sheet in the Google Drive folder marked QR Code Activity. This folder will be where you insert your completed activity. Once again, please follow the format above to save your file in the folder. It is important I am able to identify your work as your own or you will not receive credit for this assignment. Please review the rubric for this assignment for grading criteria.

Extra Credit Opportunity

During your research if you are able to find 2 to 4 research documents or videos which prove to be invaluable resources to the class you will receive 1 point per resource. My goal is that you are all able to help each other and immerse yourself in this course as learners as well as educators. Please complete the supplemental resources form in the Google Drive. Points given will be determined on how relevant the resource is and how good of a case you make on its importance to the course.

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