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Educators face many challenges when integrating technology in the classroom. Today and in the future many new careers will be created to meet the needs of our technologically advancing society. As educators we need to prepare all students for a society that is technologically advancing exponentially. This means that all students should have many of their lessons integrated with technology. Students should be able to use email to communicate with their teachers for various reasons such as sending a paper to a teacher, or to have the skills to create a web-based project to show understanding of a concept. More familiarity with these programs will create a sense of confidence in the students to explore new programs as they are developed.


By the end of this unit you will be able to:

1. Gain understanding of Animation and its effectiveness in education

2. Exhibit understanding of what GoAnimate.com is and its instructional uses:

3. Develop a list of benefits in various curricular areas for GoAnimate.com.


Unit I Lesson I -- What is Animation?

Unit I Lesson IA What is GoAnimate.com?

Unit I Lesson II -- What are the benefits of GoAnimate.com?

Unit I Reflection

Educate with GoAnimate