Unit I Lesson IA What is GoAnimate.com?



GoAnimate.com is an entertainment website in which its users can create simple or complex "computer animated stories, satires and sentiments'. These creations can be shared within a classroom or with an online community. "The site offers simple to more advanced innovative features that provide users with a multitude of possibilities for customizing their animations. We will constantly be enhancing and adding features, popular licenses and animations from well known comedians, animators and writers."

Task I

GoAnimate.com has many features that make it unique from other forms of animation products. Watch the following youtube clip to gain a better understanding of what GoAnimate.com is capable of, when you are finished hit the back button in your browser to return to this page.


Task II

Go to the discussion area GoAnimate Discussion Area and answer the following questions

1. What are the features of GoAnimate.com?

2. How is GoAnimate.com different from the animation discussed in Unit I Lesson I?

Unit I Lesson II -- What are the benefits of GoAnimate.com?

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