Unit Four: Are effective questioning strategies being properly implemented in the classroom on a regular basis?


Purplearrowbullet.gifLearning Objectives


The learner will evaluate if and how questioning strategies are being used in their classrooms and recall the demands of questioning on the teacher and students.


As educators we should know the value and importance of self-evaluation and reflection. Throughout this mini-course we have been learning about way to use effective questioning strategies in the classroom. Now is the time to see what strategies and/or methods you are using in your own classrooms in regards to what was discussed in this course.

Review the Effective Questioning Strategies Checklist that I have created based on what was learned throughout this mini-course. Put a check mark next to each that currently apply to yourself as a teacher and your use of effective questioning strategies in the classroom. It is most helpful to be honest about where you place your check mark to better be able to reflect on what you are doing well, and the areas that could be improved upon. This is a checklist that can continue to be used to monitor your use of effective questioning in your classroom!

Greenarrowbullet.gifLearning Activities

Once the checklist has been completed carefully review where you placed your check marks, and where you did NOT place your check marks. In a blank word document write about two ways you use effective questioning strategies in your current classroom, as well as two methods you did not check off the checklist that you could work towards including in your classroom to use questioning strategies more effectively. Make sure that examples are given for each strategy that you choose.


Overall, effective questioning strategies are very important for student learning and student use of higher-order thinking. There are many ways one could go about incorporating questions into their classroom and many of these methods were discussed throughout this mini-course. The checklist provided works as an outline for some of the most important strategies mentioned in the units. As teachers reflection is a very useful tool for improving our practice and seeing where we need to improve upon. Questions are used more often than we may realize in any given school day, so it is critical that we use questions with students that stimulate and engage all learners!

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