Unit 5: Helping Others Tell Their Story: Digital Media with Clients


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Voice to the Voiceless


As social workers, we are often working with clients who are used to someone else telling their story for them. Clients are the expects on their own lives and they need the opportunity to speak for themselves. This can be an empowering, reflective experience. UAlbany Liberty Partnership Director, Richard Smith, did just that. He uses his personal narrative (struggles) as a means to empower others with a sense of hope. His words go beyond statistics and data, as he adds the needed personal touch to engage the audience. For more information, visit TEDxSchenectady

UAlbany Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) had a collaboration with the Documentary Studies department. LPP youth were able to tell their own stories in their own documentary, providing youth who may have felt voiceless the power to speak to tell their own story. It was a transformative and empowering experience. Sharing experiences can also make others feel less alone.

Some examples of individuals using the power of voice to tell their own stories.

Kane Smego Power of Poetry

Radio Diaries - Josh's Diary (Tourette's)


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  1. How has this mini-course helped you think about media, social media, and advocacy opportunities.
  2. How can we build on these ideas together, as a profession, to create a true VOICE for social work?

Summing Up

Now that you have completed this mini-course and the content is fresh in your mind, now is the time to ACT. It is time for you to take this information and create a successful campaign which incorporates your ideas, objectives, and talent. Revisit each unit in this mini-course and apply the content to the idea that you have. Developing a successful advocacy campaign will take time and effort. Do not give up, continue to network, and keep showcasing your skills. Remember, social workers need to BE THE MEDIA and ENGAGE THE MEDIA.