Unit 4: How does the CCSS, disciplinary literacy, and the methods of student-led discussion impact my practice as a social studies teacher?


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Creating a Lesson Segment Using Close Reading and Rich Talk About Text

Now, its time to enhance your practice! You have finished exploring the close reading process, thinking like a historian, and student discussion. For this unit, you will work on creating a lesson segment of your own. This lesson segment should be relevant to your content and grade level! Applying your new findings and understandings will be most helpful to you in your own curriculum.


1. You may work in a pair or individually. If pairing up, please notify me through e-mail.

2. Your lesson segment should include anywhere between 3-5 lessons.

3. Lessons must include methods and practices discussed throughout the course (close reading, text based discussions, text based questions, reading strategies, etc.)

4. Try to focus your lesson segment around a primary source. You should incorporate methods to teach students to think like historians! Also, please feel free to use any content you are currently working with or will be working with in the future.

  • If possible, complete your lesson segment in a Google Doc. When complete, share the Google Doc link in the Edmodo discussion board.