Unit 3: How can rich talk about text deepen literacy skills and encourage higher level thinking in our students?


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What is Rich Talk About Text?

In this unit, we will explore the idea of student-led discussion around text. Discussing text can deepen student engagement and understanding. Student-led discussion can be an addition to any content area. Here, we will explore different types of text based discussion models and how they can be used in our classrooms. We will also view them specifically as products of a close read process where students synthesize their understanding of a text and are provided with the opportunity to make engaging connections.

For this unit, you will need Powerful Learning: What We Know About Teaching for Understanding" by Linda Darling-Hammond.

1. I can analyze the methods of student-led discussion.

2. I can explain the benefits of student-led discussion.

3. I can create lessons that include student led discussion to foster critical thinking.

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In the discussion tab on the wiki page, reflect on the following questions:

1. How do you use student discussion in your classroom?

2. What would you like to learn about student discussion?

3. Describe your experiences with student discussion in your classroom.

Lesson One

1. Read pages 83-87 in Powerful Learning: What We Know About Teaching for Understanding.

2. Read "Shifts in the Conversation: Peer-lead, Teacher-led, and Computer Mediated Discussions" by Linda B. Gambrell. Media:Shifts_in_the_conversation.pdf

3. Review the following websites that include resources and information about different methods of student-led discussion (Socratic Seminar and Shared Inquiry)




As you are reading and exploring the websites, use the following guiding questions:

1. Why is incorporating student discussion into the classroom important?
2. How can student discussion deepen thinking and foster high levels of engagement?
3. How can teachers provide and design a classroom environment that fosters student discussion?

Discussion: After completing the readings and exploring the websites, discuss your understandings of student led discussion on the Edmodo page.

What is its significance?

Describe the different ways it can be used in all classrooms.

How can teachers provide for an environment that fosters discussion?

How does discussion lead to high levels of engagement and understanding?

Also, raise any possible questions you may have.

Lesson Two

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'Creating a Lesson Including Student Discussion:' Revisit the lesson segment sample from Unit 2. Focus on the discussion lesson (Shared Inquiry). Also, focus on any opportunities for discussion throughout the rest of the lessons, as well. Based on your understanding of the readings, your exploration of the websites, and the lesson segment sample, create a lesson that is focused around student discussion for any upcoming unit you plan to teach.

-Be sure to specify the desired outcomes.

-Describe your rationale.

-Post your lesson in the Edmodo page.Give one another feedback (glows and grows)


Check-in with your learning targets from the beginning of the unit. Have you met them? What are your next steps with student discussion of text?

*Complete on a Google Doc and share