Unit 2: How can content teachers incorporate disciplinary literacy methods to meet the CCSS?


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Close Reading in Social Studies

For this unit of the course, you will continue to explore the CCSS. You will also explore the close reading process and its purpose. Applying literacy strategies takes place through the process of careful and thoughtful lesson planning. After looking at sample lessons, you will try and incorporate a close read process in to your curriculum.

•1. I can describe the process of a close read.

•2. I can analyze sample close read lessons.

•3. I can determine how close reading and using text base questions can help content teachers foster literacy skills and meet the CCSS.

•4. I can create lessons that include close reads, text based questions, and address the CCSS for history/social studies.

Close Reading Detective.jpg

Lesson One: The Close Read Process

Look through the following resources. Answer the following questions in the discussion tab.




1. What do you already know about close reading?

2. How did these resources enhance your knowledge?

3. What do you wonder about the close reading process?

Lesson Two: Analyzing Sample Lessons

For this part of the unit, you will be examining, observing, and making meaning of sample lesson plans that involve the close read process. These lessons are both content and skills based. The content of focus is American History.

While analyzing these lessons, adhere to the following protocol:

(insert analyzing lesson protocol here)

Guiding Questions: How can content lessons that include a close read process increase a student's ability to think on a higher level? How does a close read process develop deep learning and literacy skills in our students?

Lesson Segment One: "Letters of an American Farmer" Media:Letters_of_an_American_Farmer.pdf

Lesson Three: Creating a Lesson That Includes a Close Read Process

Pick any lesson with a complex primary or secondary source related to a unit of study. Develop a close read lesson around this text. It can be any part of the close read process in the examples from Lessons One and Two. You can choose to focus on one skill or a few skills, depending on the learning target you create (word choice, text based questions, annotating, interpreting evidence).

Share your close read lesson in the discussion board on Edmodo. Comment on one another's lessons and give feedback (both "glows" and "grows").

Self Assessment

Go back to your learning targets for this unit. Rate yourself on a 1-4 scale for each. Explain why you feel that way, and determine your next steps when it comes to planning your close reading lessons.

*Complete on a Google Doc and share