Unit 2: Differentiation Instruction in the form of Choice Boards


Learners will learn about an instructional tool used to provide more differentiation in a classroom, choice boards.

Choice Boards

In the previous Unit you learned about differentiation and why it is important to provide these opportunities to our learners. This Unit we will talk about a specific instructional tool that allows for differentiation to happen in the classroom. This instructional tool is choice boards. Choice boards are boards that provide students with choices on what they want to work on. These choice boards are instructional tools that allows or opportunities of differentiation in the classroom. A teacher can create choice boards depending on academic level to the students. This allows for all students to reach the same goal with activities that meet their needs.

Watch this video for more background information about Differentiation as well as Math Choice boards :


Choice Board:


Steps on creating Choice board


File:Choice Board Template- Hard.pptx

File:Choice Board Template-Easy.pptx

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