Unit 2-


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An Overview of this Unit

By completing this unit you will meet the following objectives:

1. Introduce yourself to mindfulness practices that YOU can benefit from

2. Develop and document practices of your own

Try a Mindfulness Practice

Before reading about mindfulness practices try practicing mindfulness for yourself. Follow along with this body scan mindfulness exercise.

Activity - Discussion Board

1. On our google classroom page, please look under classwork & click on the assignment, "Unit 2: Share a Lesson & Incorporate a Cooperative Learning Strategy".

2. Please pick a class you teach and share as much as you can about your students!

3. Pick a lesson that you believe would work best with a cooperative learning activity/strategy.

4. Outline what the lesson preparation, the lesson instruction, and lesson evaluation would look like.

5. Look at your classmates' posts and comment on two of them.

Next Stop: Unit 3: What Type of Collaborative Learning Strategies you should use based on your Student Population