Unit 1: Assumptions and Misconceptions-Laying the Groundwork


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How much English are you speaking in your foreign language classroom? Most teachers recognize the importance of target language (TL) use in the classroom while at the same time harboring some common misconceptions about how the TL should be used.


Unit 1 Objectives

  • Identify personal beliefs about TL use
  • Understand common misconceptions about TL use
  • Reflect on their own classroom practices

Misconceptions Quiz

What do you really believe about target language use in the classroom? Take this quiz to see if you believe any of the common myths related to TL use.

Misconceptions Quiz


Read the following articles:

File:Overcoming resistance.pdf

Photo Source: journal.png

Journal Entry #1

Write a journal entry reflecting your new knowledge about target language use in the classroom. Include the following:
1. What misconceptions you had before this.
2. What new understandings you have gained.
3. How is Target Language used in your own language classroom?

Design Project

Choose a lesson that you have used in the past. Choose a lesson where you used the target language less than 90% of the time. If you recall, make a note of how much English you used while you were teaching the lesson.

  • Why do you think you did not reach 90% target language use in this lesson?
  • In which sections of the lesson do you foresee problems arising? Why?

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1. LeLoup, J., Ponterio, R., & Warford, M. (2013). Overcoming resistance to 90% target language use: Rationale, challenges, and suggestions. The NECTFL Review, 72, 45-60.

2. Wong-Fillmore, L. (1985). Second language learning in children: A propose model. In R. Eshch & J. Provinzano (Eds.) Issues in English development. Rosslyn, VA National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education.