Unit3:The steps of applying wikis for writing class


There are some steps of applying wikis for writing class, in this unit, we will learn:

  • Setting up a class wikis page for the writing class and post the helpful information and resources on the page
  • Letting students know about functions of each quotes for text formats and edition
  • Teach students to post their writing work in their own wikis page and set up the links to the class wikis page


In this class,we will learn the steps of the application of wikis in writing class. As a writing class, writing is the theme of the class. First of all,teacher could post the interesting topics and writing materials on the wikis page of the class, inviting students to join the discussion about which material they want to write on the wikis page.Then:

1.Divide students in the class into some groups. And these groups should be collaborative groups.

2.When students post their writing on the wikis page, guide them to make comments on their peers' work.

3.Letting group members to review and make comments on each other.

4.Guiding students to review what changes have been made by their peers on their work on wikis page

5.Comparing the work of different groups,not simply to say which group does the best or worst, but what can we learn from other groups?

6.Giving students time and space to re-edit and revision on their own work.

7.Holding the discussion: Is there anything worthy to learn from other groups?

8.Comparing the traditional writing work of the writing class with the works wrote in the new wikis environment.

Tasks of this class

1. Students should make and edit the wikis page on their own.

2. Homework for students:

  • Writing on the wikis page, and make contribution on their peers' work, if they have some ideas about peers' work.
  • Posting feelings about having writing class in the new wikis environment

3. Share the experience in the class that what do they learn from their own writing and their peers?


Discussion: Do you get something new when you use wikis in the writing class?


In this class, we will talk about some students experience in the previous wikis writing class.

First,please read the notes post on our class wikis page by students about their experience in using wikis for this class
  • Summery the main problems we met in the class
  • Discuss about the solutions on these problems


Tasks in this lesson

1.Find out what problems we have in using wikis for this class.

  • Some students do not familiar with formatting
  • Some students do not know how to upload pictures correctly
  • Some students have the misunderstanding that writing on the wikis page simply equals to typing.
  • Some students prefer to visit their peers' pages to see how do they writing before they start to write.

2.Overcome the difficulties we had met in the wikis writing class environment.

  • Group discussion about how to formatting:Let students learn from each other,rather than teacher teach everything.
  • Set up access limit: only after students post their work on wikis page, they can review their peers' work.

Discussion: Do you feel good when using wikis for this class?