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The topic of this course is Maximizing the Power Feedback in the classroom. The purpose of developing this course is to create effective feedback strategies that elicits the desired effects. Participants of this course will use a 3 step process when deciding on a feedback strategy that is best suited for their classroom. The first step is to examine the effectiveness of the instructor. That is, we want to examine student perception of the instructor's authority. The second step in the course requires you to examine the elements that comprise effective feedback. Learners in the corse will get a chance to examine different aspects of optimal feedback:

  • Optimal Timing
  • Qualitative aspects
  • Quantitative aspects
  • The presentation Structure of feedback.

The third step will be geared to preparing the student to accept the feedback. In this section of the course, participants will examine different aspects of personality that determine feedback's overall success.

Unit 1:First

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In this section we will examine the various sources of feedback.

What to consider when completing this lesson:

  1. Who has the authority to give feedback?
  2. How can I expand the influence of my feedback?
  3. Can peer review be an effective feedback mechanism
  4. What is your relationship with your students
  5. Are you the a reputable resource for your class
  6. Are you perceived as caring for your students success

'Unit 2:Second

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'Unit 3:Third

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