Target Language Mini Course Closing


ETAP 623 FALL 2015 - BYRNE section 5874
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You have reached the end of this mini-course! I hope that you have gained much understanding about how to reach 90% plus target language use in your classroom.

Now What?

Now that you have learned some strategies to increase the use of Target Language use in your classroom, what should you do?

  • Use the lesson that you modified in class. (Be sure to make note of what worked well and what needs improvement!)
  • If you have the opportunity try to observe another teacher in action
  • Attend professional development on this topic (STARTALK offers some wonderful programs across the country for less commonly taught languages)

Further Studies and Online Resources

Use these online resources to continue your study of Target Language use in the foreign language classroom.

1.[STARTALK Lessons in staying in the target language]
From the webpage "This series of e-learning modules is designed to help teachers of world languages "stay in the target language" during instruction." This series uses the Chinese language as an example, but teachers of any language can benefit from the content.

2.[Current Trends in FL Education]
This website has many series on interesting topics related to foreign language learning such as comprehensible input, comprehension, and total physical response (TPR).

3. [Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction]
This webpage has hundreds of copyright free images created especially for language teachers to use in their classroom. It is a great resource to facilitate comprehensible input in your classroom.

4. [Tuesday's Tips for Staying in the Target Language]
This is a blog written by a Spanish teacher with lots of great tips and tricks for staying in the target language.