Talk:Unit One: What are the truths and misconceptions related to Common Core?


suggestions and thoughts -- Lauren Steers (talk) 13:24, 10 April 2014 (EDT)

1) I liked/what worked well

-your introduction page was laid out well, I liked the cartoon, and the introduction got me interested in the course

-the layout of unit 1 was good, the headings are clear and specific

- the do first is a good diagnostic assessment

-for the readings, I like how you added specific questions for the learners to direct their thinking while reading

-consider section is a good way for the learners to address their misconceptions and correct them

- the assessment is a good way to check for understanding.

- I like how you suggest learners get an 80% or better on the assessment to move on to the next unit.

-the readings are a good length, and they are rich in content


2) Have you considered this?

-the do first discussion activity- it is unclear where the learners should submit their reflection piece.

- in order for the learners to submit their reflection on the discussion tab, they need to be a member and be able to log in.

-perhaps you can have learners post their reflections on a blog site or a social media site created for your course

-perhaps you can include more forms of media throughout unit 1: images, audio, video

 Overall, I enjoyed going through your course so far. Great job Ryan!

-- Rasmiya Ruenes (talk) 19:50, 13 April 2014 (EDT)

Hi Ryan,

What I like/worked well:

- I found your course to be well organized. Your objectives are clear the page looks nice and the cartoon is great

- I like your approach in presentation with the learner. The way you relate to the learner in how you present your ideas. For example, you explained to learners that they may have certain ideas about Common Core and you nicely put together how you can help them to think about things with the facts you are presenting. It caught my interest right away

- I like your articles which were very interesting and definitely makes learners think and evaluate their thoughts

- You do a great job of engaging and interacting in your activity.

Have you considered,

-I liked the cartoon and it worked nicely with your page. It would be nice to add another picture of some sort relating to your theme.

-I tried to get into the quiz but I couldn't-- maybe it was just me. I would have liked to see your questions

-Are you able to find a video? it could be tough, but that would be nice too

Overall, very interesting topic and an eye-opener. You know how to present it. This topic is sure to help many teachers when they think about Common Core.