Talk:Unit 1:Web 2.0-Blogging


Feedback -- Mercedes Kraszewski 10:23, 1 May 2012 (EDT)


I am sorry if I am writing late. I wasn't able to view your unit before. Anyway, I am not a reading teacher so I did my best when trying to feel familiar with the topic. As pretending to be a participant of you mini course, I found your work informative and the resources that you provide also add to the comprehension of the material. I particularly got so interested in the links you have about Web 2.0 for your topic. I see your overview and benefits that you include regarding to Blogging very well stated.If I had to mention something I didn't feel so sure about, would be the second objective. May be it is me not understanding that part, but I didn't get to especifically see the integration of a discussion blog as an aid in comprehension with existing reading methods. For what I understand, it is something we (participants) are suppose to create in this unit? Mercedes