Talk:Problem Based Curriculum Development - A Case


Comments from Jianwei -- Jz833665 09:14, 24 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Bob,

What you have produced looks really great. I'm very pleased with this case study. I have two brief comments:

(a) As a case study, I'd hope to see your thick description of a classroom "story," showing us how you design and do it and what you have learned from it. Your current file tells really well your design think, but the classroom processes are not specific enough. Re. the following section, what kinds of research students will conduct? How will students collaborate? How will students present their questions and share their findings? What kinds of role the teacher will play in this process?

Scope and Sequence:
·  Task Focus: Students will view videos, perform research and develop a viable driving question upon which their designs will be based..
·  Product or Output: A driving question/problem that meets the requirements presented in the lesson objective above (page 12).
·  Problem: What viable real world problem will require the application of a robot for resolution? 
·  Activity: Students will observe video, models and previous student work samples, take notes, share responses to questions, and share information.

(b) Your work is currently in a Word file, and this file is getting very long. This is good for downloading and printing out; but hard to browse online. I suggest that you should consider putting the contents into wiki-pages, with your front page providing an index. If you prefer to keep your design ideas (like other colleagues' design portfolios) in a Word file, at least the lesson plans for the units should be in wiki-pages. It is easy and only a copy and paste thing.