Talk:Andrea Eriksen Mini-Course: Designing Inquiry Based Science Lab Activities


Lesson One -- Korytod (talk) 21:17, 20 November 2015 (EST)

Andrea, I like your wiki intro page. It is very informative as well neat. There wasn't much under lesson one when I looked Friday night, but I will look again on Sunday night. I am not going to be on the computer tomorrow, or I would check then. I do like your survey that you have the participants fill out at the beginning. This can be really beneficial to the educator as well as the participants. I may borrow this idea! I love it! The video was interesting... did you know her eyes follow the mouse... that was weird, yet fun to play with. HA! I will update Sunday night! Keep up the good work! ~Dede

-- AndreaEriksen (talk) 20:31, 22 November 2015 (EST)

Hi Dede!

Thank you so much for your initial comments. I know there is not yet a lot of material for you to review, but it was very helpful to hear your initial reaction to what I have created already. Thank you.