Talk:Alyssa Lotmore


Peer Evaluation -- Ebuttgereit (talk) 14:42, 29 November 2015 (EST)


I think your course is beautifully organized! Really, aesthetically, it comes across as a very cohesive, clearly laid out, and linear. I personally avoided using the wikispace because I thought it would limit the capabilities of my course, but you proved me wrong!

I’ll start with your portfolio, which is excellently constructed. I would recommend making sure your introductory picture does not mess with your headings. Right now, it’s pushing over the title “Desired Course Outcomes Include,” which makes for a slightly awkward layout. Your needs assessment is very thorough and has given me some great ideas on how to improve my own. I also think your curriculum map and performance objects are very well thought out and clearly highlight the flow of the course and provide clear expectations for the learners.

Your course itself has a great introductory page. The way you lay out the objectives for each unit is very clear and shows a clear development of the course content. It’s already obvious from just the introductory page that your course starts with history and develops into applications of digital media, which is great for the learner to know up front.

The first line in the introduction of your first unit automatically pulled me into your course! Excellent work in engaging the learner. Something that stood out to me in your course is that when you incorporate links for your learner to read or watch, it is a little difficult for them to find it in the text. For example, if someone read through the unit and then went back to do the work, it would be a little challenging to track down exactly what to do in the course. Maybe you could provide a marker, either an image or font change to prompt when action should be taken by the learner? I know this would help me with my learning. Your incorporation of a google slideshow activity is a great way to get the class interacting and breaking the ice.

On the navigation portion at the bottom of each unit, your links seem to be a little strange. Since you are using a page within the KNILT site, couldn’t you just provide a true link instead of a [1]? This is just nit-picking, but it would help to maintain the cleanliness you have built throughout the rest of your course.

Your second unit is very engaging. It is definitely a topic that many people can relate to. During the discuss section, I assume that you will link to the discussion section of your page, so people can engage in your question prompt.

In the third unit, I love how you explain how to access the BlogTalkRadio site. I know that there have been courses I’ve taken where the professor just expects you to know how to use a new program. By you laying out the program up front, you give the students very clear expectations and help them to avoid unnecessary charges. Your step-by-step directions are well-written and very concise, which makes them easy to follow for all different types of technological users.

Your fourth unit is, again, well formatted and very informative.  I like how you’ve consistently incorporated discussion, which will help your students have a clear understanding of each week’s expectation.  Your course seems to be developing spectacularly!  I’m excited to see how it wraps up!

Honestly, your course and portfolio are so well done that I have taken away so many ideas on how to improve my own course. Keep up the amazing work!