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Project Proposal

Statement of Intent

The show how modern visual communication technologies can be applied into the classroom setting to teach students as well as allowing them to display their knowledge in a exciting and effective way that promotes creativity and understanding.

  • Educators have a common ground with their students
  • Allows the students and educators to be creative
  • Promotes diversity in how the student displays their knowledge
  • encourages students to build upon prior knowledge and expand upon the knowledge they gain from this unit
  • Allows educators to reach a diverse learners though one format

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem

We live in a technologically advanced word. In a time in which technological change is rapidly advancing educators need to stay current to remain effective. The dynamic of students is changing as new technologies are introduced. Learners are now considered to be digital native, meaning that they entertain, learn and live through digital formats and technologies. In respose educators need create opportunities in their curriculum that allow the students to learn using the very very same technologies they use in their daily lives. Creating authentic , real life learning that has relevance to the students is critical in sparking interest and helping the student gain deeper understanding. Teachers who do not embrace and incorporate technology into their curriculum are denying their students of real word 21st century skills. Traditional lecture and note taking does not suit the needs of 21st century learners. With the development of new technologies , students should have the opportunity to learn and display their knowledge in newer more modern ways.

Nature of What is to be Learned

Teachers will learn how an interactive online computer resource called Glogster can be used to create effective instruction and display of knowledge.

About the Learners

The learners for this course could be any teacher or student. Anyone who is wishing to look for a new way to teach or display their knowledge, opinions, or art would enjoy learning about this program. Any educator looking to incorporate technology into their curriculum would find the mini course helpful and insightful. The target age for this course would start around 11-12 but would primarily be focused on adolescents and adults.


The learner should have prior knowledge in:

  • Basic Computer use/Functions
  • Navigating the Internet
  • Visual Communication Skills
  • Using a word processor to format text

Materials/Tools Needed

  • Modern computers with Internet Access
  • Adobe Flash installed on computers
  • A SmartBoard

Instructional Content

  • What is visual communication and why is it important
  • What is Glogster and how can it be used
  • How to use Glogster to create Media

Initial Goals

Learners will be able to successfully create a simple Glog that contains 4 various media types (text, video, audio, and a graphic)


Glogster-The Visual Communication network

Instructional Map